Career Paths

A distinctive advantage of an undergraduate degree in Cognitive Science is career flexibility. Cognitive Science is similar to Psychology but with more exposure to computation and experience with a wider array of analysis techniques. Cognitive Science is similar to Computer Science but with greater emphasis on cognition and sociocultural factors. A large percentage of our majors go on to graduate school (cognitive science, computer science, neuroscience) or professional school (medicine).

Graduates with a bachelors degree in cognitive science are highly sought by industry. Currently, the most frequent job placements are in the computer industry in the areas of cognitive engineering (human factors), human-computer interface design, artificial intelligence, neural network applications, software design and development, and Internet startups. There is also a growing demand in neuroscience, biotech, pharmaceuticals, and others.

The Career Services Center is an excellent resource center for students interested in either graduate programs or the job market,as well as seminars on developing your resume, interviewing skills, writing your personal statement, and many more. Spring Quarter is the most active time for on-campus interviews and job fairs.

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