Resources for Undergraduates

  • CogSci Advising Information
  • Career Paths
    Want to know where you can go with a CogSci Degree? Check it out!
  • Cognitive Science Student Association cogs115
    Want to get involved in Cognitive Science? Join the Cognitive Science Student Association (CSSA)!
  • CSB 114 - Student Lounge
    An ideal meeting space for student groups or for TA and IA to hold office hour(s).
  • Center for Student Involvement
    Through engagement in student organizations, campus wide events, Greek Life, communication and leadership programs, and community service initiatives, students will find a place of belonging and personal growth, and will become experienced citizens and leaders.
  • Co-Curricular Record (CCR)
    Get involved and have your experiences and skills captured on your new UC San Diego official Co-Curricular Record (CCR).
  • Experiential Learning
    Discover, experiment, and broaden your knowledge through first-hand experiences offered by UCSD and the community instead of hearing about the adventures of others.
  • Graduate School Information
    Find information regarding applying for graduate schools.
  • Jobs for Undergrads
    Earn while you learn? See the job listings.
  • Portfolium
    Showcase your honors, achievements, skills and abilities.  Create a profile, upload assignments, projects and achievements.  Bring your transcript, CCR and resume to life.  Share your profile with employers to show why they should hire you!
  • Study Abroad
    Explor, learn, study abroad at UCSD.