Advising Information

Undergraduate Advising Hours

The Cognitive Science Department does not offer advising appointments. Our walk-in advising hours are every weekday from 8:00am – 12:00pm and 1:00pm - 3:30pm in the Cognitive Science Building, 1st floor, rooms 139 and 140.

All Advising Questions

Questions for Cognitive Science advisors should be made through the Virtual Advising Center (VAC) on TritonLink. If you must send an email, please include your PID and all necessary details in an email to

Course Pre-Authorization and Pre-Requisite Waiving

All Cognitive Science course pre-authorizations and pre-requisite override requests must be made through the UCSD Course Pre-authorization website. We no longer take pre-authorization requests through the VAC or email. Be sure to list any relevant information in the Justification section or upload a document that will be helpful for the Advisors to know (e.g. why you are making the request, which courses you feel are equivalent to the prerequisite, which summer courses you plan to take, an email with instructor permission, etc.).

Useful Forms for Students

The student forms page has PDF versions of official UCSD forms that are useful for students, such as Student Petitions or 199 Research Forms.

Major Codes

CG25 Cognitive Science
CG29 Cognitive Science with specialization in Neuroscience
CG31 Cognitive Science with specialization in Clinical Aspects of Cognition
CG33 Cognitive Science with specialization in Design and Interaction
CG34 Cognitive Science with specialization in Language and Culture
CG35 Cognitive Science with specialization in Machine Learning and Neural Computation
CG32 Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience

Minor Codes

CG25 Cognitive Science
M079 Design