Faculty & Labs

Brain & Cognition Lab
Principal Investigator: Seana Coulson
Website | CRB 216/218 | (858) 822-4037

Center for Human Development
Website | 858-822-2148

Center for Research in Language
Principal Investigator: Jeff Elman
Website | CSB 215 | (858) 534-3926 | (858) 534-6788 (fax)

Cognitive and Neural Dynamics Lab
Principal Investigator: Bradley Voytek

Cognitive Development Laboratory
Principal Investigator: Gedeon Deák
Website | CRB 2nd Floor | (858) 822-2968

Cognitive Electrophysiology Lab
Principal Investigator: Marta Kutas
Website | CSB 105 | 858 524 2440

Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology Lab
Principal Investigator: Ayse P. Saygin

Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory
Principal Investigator: Jaime Pineda
Website | CSB 146/205 | (858) 534-9754

Comparative Cognition Lab
Principal Investigator: Federico Rossano

Computational & Cognitive Neuroscience Lab
Principal Investigators: Angela J. Yu, Shunan Zhang

The Computational & Cognitive Neuroscience Lab is situated within the Natural Computation Lab in the Cognitive Science department of UCSD. It is affiliated with the Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center, and the UCSD Neurosciences Graduate Program. It provides ample opportunities for communication and collaboration with related labs not only within the department of Cognitive Science, but also in Psychology, Linguistics, Neuroscience, Electric and Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Institute for Neural Computation, and the Salk Institute.

Computational Neural Data and Dynamics
Website | SSRB 255 | x23713

Principal investigator: Eran Mukamel

Design Lab

Distributed Cognition and Human-Computer Interaction Lab
Principal Investigators: Jim Hollan, Edwin Hutchins
Website | CRB 100 | (858) 822-2356 | (858) 822-2476 (fax)

Embodied Cognition Lab
Principal Investigator: Rafael Núñez
Website | CSB 217 | (858) 822-0809

Interactive Cognition Lab
Principal Investigator: David Kirsh
Website | CSB 205/206 | (858) 822-2475 | (858) 822-0672

Language & Cognition Lab
Principal Investigator: Benjamin Bergen

Language Acquisition and Sound Recognition Lab
Principal Investigator: Sarah Creel
Website | SSRB 240 | (858) 534-7539

Machine Learning and Representation Lab
Principal Investigator: Zhuowen Tu
Website | 858-822-0908

Natural Computation Lab
Principal Investigator: Virginia de Sa
Website | SSRB 2nd floor SW wing

The Natural Computation lab consists of the labs of Virginia de Sa, Angela Yu, Zhuowen Tu and Eran Mukamel. These labs use computational analysis and computational modeling to inform brain studies.

Systems Neuroscience Lab