Faculty & Labs

Christopher Keown

Graduate Student

Homepage: http://www.chriskeown.com/
Email: ckeown@ucsd.edu

Office: SSRB 246

Research Interests

What is the relationship of epigenetic markers in the brain to cell type and function? How do changes in epigenetics markers support cognitive function, such as memory? Can differences in epigenetic markers explain some variance in disorders like depression, schizophrenia and autism?.

Selected Publications

Keown, C.L., Berletch, J.B., Castanon, R., Nery, J.R., Disteche, C.M., Ecker, J.R., Mukamel, E.A. (2017) Allele-specific non-CG DNA methylation marks domains of active chromatin in female mouse brain. PNAS. 2017; Early Edition.