Faculty & Labs

Melissa Troyer

Graduate Student

Homepage: http://acsweb.ucsd.edu/~mtroyer
Email: mtroyer@ucsd.edu

Office: CSB 237

Research Interests

language processing; semantic memory; individual differences.


I'm interested in how conceptual information is organized and accessed during language comprehension. To study this, I use behavioral measures (including self-paced reading) and electrophysiology (event-related potentials, or ERPs).

Currently, I'm most interested in how expertise in or amount of knowledge about a concept may shape comprehension. More knowledge may provide a greater number of cues to access a concept--but how and and under what circumstances does extra information help?

I'm also generally interested in individual differences in use of language and memory and in what these differences can tell us about how language and memory are organized in the brain.

Selected Publications

DeLong, K.A., Troyer, M., Kutas, M. (2014). Pre-processing in Sentence Comprehension: Sensitivity to likely upcoming meaning and structure. Language and Linguistics Compass.

Troyer, M., Curley, L.B., Miller, L.E., Saygin, A.P., & Bergen, B.K. (2014). Action verbs are processed differently in metaphorical and literal sentences depending on the semantic match of visual primes. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 8, 982.

Troyer, M., O'Donnell, T., Fedorenko, E., Gibson, E. (2011). Storage and computation in syntax: Evidence from relative clause priming. Proceedings of the 33rd Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society.

Miller, B.R., Troyer, M., Busey, T.A. (2008). Virtual EEG: A software-based electroencephalogram designed for undergraduate neuroscience-relatec courses. The Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education (JUNE), 7(1), A19-A25.