EDS 198: Teaching Computational Thinking for Everyone

Teaching Computational Thinking for Everyone

EDS 198 (Directed Group Study) - Dr. Beth Simon

T/Th 12:30-1:50 - Spring 201

Section ID #906198, Section 002


Do you believe that computation and computing is critical for everyone in the 21st century?  Do you want to help others learn, not only how to program, but how to think logically, debug technical situations, and create video games in a simple programming language?  If so, this class is for you!


You might be interested in this course if you:

  • Plan to be a school teacher (in any subject)
  • Want to get the new Computer Science Supplemental Authorization to teach computing in schools
  • Want to tutor kids in computer science or run an after-school computing or robotics club
  • Want to work in a summer coding camp


In this class you will:

  • Explore how to teach core computer programming concepts using drag-and-drop programming languages
  • Practice ways to implement recommended pedagogies and practices in computing learning environments including: pair programming, peer instruction, “CS Unplugged” activities, fostering diverse classrooms
  • Design effective formative and summative assessments for use in computing courses
  • Explore and evaluate freely available online resources to support teaching of computational thinking

What to expect:

This class will be taught in a flipped-classroom model where you will engage with online materials to learn core concepts before class.  In class you will engage in active learning activities to further explore and to create resources you can use in a variety of educational settings!


Prior programming experience is NOT REQUIRED (but it’s OK)!