UCSD Cognitive Science graduate receives modeling award at the 36th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society

Ben Cipollini, who graduated from the Cognitive Science Department in 2014, received the Perception & Action Computational Modeling Award at the 36th annual meeting of the Cognitive Science Socity in Quebec City for his paper entitled  A Development Model of Hemispheric Asymmetry of Spatial Frequencies”.  

The paper was co-authored with Prof. Gary Cottrell in the Computer Science Department and extends a neurocomputational model of left and right hemisphere differences in visual perception.  In the paper, the authors show how a proposed neuroanatomical asymmetry explaining the visual perception differences can arise from the interaction of three developmental processes: improvements in visual acuity in infancy, connection pruning during development, and earlier developmetal maturaltion of the right hemisphere. 

Ben Cipollini's Prize-winning talk (photo by Sheeraz Ahmad)

Photo by Sheeraz Ahmad

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