Design.UCSD Innovation Jam

Design.UCSD Innovation Jam
Saturday, April 12th 4:30-8pm
Multipurpose Room SSC at UCSD

Design.UCSD is a Student Design Competition hosted by UXSD (User Experience San Diego), a student-run design organization. This competition aims to engage students, with the support of industry and the university, in the design thinking process to tackle challenges that are familiar to them--the campus experience. 

Part hackathon and part incubator, students, faculty and industry will come together April 12th to hack + brainstorm design ideas on how to re-design UCSD. The top 5 design ideas will then move forward to the incubator stage, where teams will receive resources to prototype and implement these ideas. A winner will be selected by a jury at a final presentation at UCSD. The goal of our competition is to engage the university, industry and the community in design, to work together to establish a greater design presence in San Diego.

Nan Renner and Deborah Forster of the San Diego Innovation Incubator and Adam Rule Cognitive Science PhD student will be facilitating the design thinking workshop. We invite you--student, faculty, industry & community members--to bring your perspective on April 12th 4:30pm at UCSD in the Multipurpose Room in the Student Services Center.

Please register at and we hope to see you there!

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UXSD committee: Melody Kim, Guan Wang, Edgardo Leija, Ashwin Khurana

Don Norman, who advised Design.UCSD, stopping by our crowdsourcing installation on Library Walk