Qualcomm Recruiting Kickoff for 2011 - 2012!

Recruiting Kickoff Event for 2011-2012!

This is the info session you don't want to miss!

Come learn how to quickly get considered for our 700+ internships and 300+ new grad positions.

HW, SW & SYS opportunities available for BS, MS & PhD's alike

Event:           Qualcomm Info Session
Location:      Qualcomm Conference Center - Jacobs Hall (EBU I) 
                     Qualcomm Conference Center is on first floor just off the lobby
Date:             Thursday, September 29th
Time:             6:00 PM

Event Perks:
* Round Table Pizza & access to jobs
* Intern & New Grad hiring process and timeline
* Research & Development Overview
* Interview and resume tips
* Talk directly with a recruiter

Apply directly now and come join us at this event to get the inside track on our open positions!

Intern - Digital ASIC Design Engineer - Summer 2012 - G1889815
Intern - Software Engineering - Summer 2012 - G1889814 
Intern - Systems Engineer - Summer 2012 - G1889816 
New Grad - Digital ASIC Design Engineer - G1889843 
New Grad - Software Engineer - G1889841
New Grad - Systems Engineer - G1889842