Postdoc Position

We are in need of promising junior scientists interested in either one of these areas. In neurobiology of language, any strong candidate with serious interest in fundamental neuroscience questions about language, including (but not restricted to) comprehension, production, lexical semantics, sentential semantics, syntax, phonology, motor function, or effects in aging or aphasia, is encouraged to apply.

 In stroke recovery, neural plasticity, and neural repair, we are particularly seeking candidates with strong backgrounds in applied mathematics, such as physics, mathematics, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, and related fields, but also a strong interest in neuroscience. This work involves building computer models of human brain function, as measured by a variety of techniques, aiming at prediction of recovery, choice of therapy, and related questions. This work is highly linked to our international collaboration with the Brain Network Recovery Group and the Virtual Brain Project.
 All work involves using functional MRI, DTI, event-related EEG, sleep EEG, and/or TMS to study the human brain and to uncover the underlying mechanisms of neural processing of language and/or motor systems in health and disease. These positions are funded by a combination of the National Institutes of Health, the McDonnell Foundation, the University of California, Irvine, and/or other funds. Of course, candidates with independent funding will be given special consideration.
Send CV and an informal statement of interest to Steven Small, Professor and Chair, Department of Neurology -