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Spring 2019 COGS Seminar Courses

COGS 200 (Section 971843): Data Practices in the 21st century |  Professor Cottrell, Garrison W

Scientific practice generally relies upon some kind of data. “Data” are collected through various means, transformed and pre-processed (e.g. “cleaned”), analyzed (e.g. through statistical inference, qualitative analysis, etc.), interpreted (usually with respect to some theoretical framework or paradigm), and sometimes even made publicly available.

Questions must be confronted and considered along every step of this pipeline. Some of these questions concern the practice of science as an epistemological tool: How ought our data-collection practices (e.g. experiments) be designed to license the appropriate inferences, what kind of data “counts” as evidence, and how should this data be analyzed? And other questions concern the ethics of data collection and publication: how should researchers balance the recent push for data transparency with privacy, and who is entitled to claim “ownership” of data? What kinds of infrastructure––legal, technological, etc.––can help support appropriate scientific practice?

In this course, we will hear from speakers from a variety of disciplines, including Computer Science and Engineering, Political Science, and History, all of whom had confronted these questions in some form or another.

All students enrolled for credit will be expected to attend weekly presentations (Fridays, 3:00pm - 4:20pm; open to the public) and participate actively in discussion sessions (Fridays, 2:00pm - 3:00pm).


COGS 260 B00 (Section 971858): Advanced Neural Signal Process | Professor Mukamel, Eran A

Mathematical foundations and applications of neural signal processing techniques used in electrophysiology and neuroimaging (including microscopy), covering spectral analysis, correlation, high-dimensional data, and spike-train analysis.