Dear Future Grad Students

7 February 2017

By Rose Hendricks

Each year, the CogSci faculty review applications for new graduate students, and they invite some of the most stand-out applicants to our Open House. This visit allows prospective grad students a chance to experience our department — they meet lots of faculty and grad students, they see our labs and campus, and they get a taste of San Diego (literally and figuratively). 

Open House is an important part of the grad school application process. Starting a PhD is a big commitment (for the student of course, but also for the advisor and department), and the visit allows everyone to make decisions that are as informed as possible.

It’s been four years since I came to UCSD CogSci’s Open House as a prospective student, but each year when a new group visits, I remember my own visit vividly. It was incredibly exciting, but also incredibly stressful. I channeled my thoughts on the experience, which you can read on my blog

I’ve also collected a few resources that discuss the process of choosing a grad program. These are all individuals’ opinions, so we should of course take them with more than a grain of salt. But they offer personal and unique perspectives that resonate with me:

Most importantly, to the prospective students: Welcome to UCSD CogSci! We are happy to have you.

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