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Spring Course: Blogging about Cognitive Science

2017 February 26

This spring, Prof. Seana Coulson & grad student Rose Hendricks will lead a seminar on Cognitive Science blogging.

Dear Future Grad Students

2017 February 07

Each year, the CogSci faculty review applications for new graduate students, and they invite some of the most stand-out applicants to our Open House. This visit allows prospective grad students a chance to experience our department — they meet lots of faculty and grad students, they see our labs and campus, and they get a taste of San Diego (literally and figuratively).

Cogcast #2: Applying to grad school - an interview with Rachel Buckser

2016 October 20

CogSci undergraduate student Ming-Ray Liao interviews first-year grad student Rachel Buckser about applying to grad school.

From Cognitive Science to Data Science: An interview with Jeremy Karnowski

2016 July 10

"Advice I got was... it would be better if you were able to actually study real-world systems... That was really fundamental in how I started shifting from one career to the next... If people are in the clouds too much, trying to focus in on real phenomena... is a really important thing to learn."

Nothing Never Happens

2016 March 21

Students in Dr. Renner’s COGS 102B: Cognitive Ethnography class spent the 10-week winter quarter tuning their cognitoscopes...

The Earthpigs Meet the Gulls

2015 November 16

Students and faculty note a CogSci "spin" watching San Diego's new hockey team. Go Gulls!

Transitioning to Industry: Insight Data Fellows Program

2015 October 21

The Insight Fellows Program is now accepting applications for January 2016 sessions. The application deadline is October 26th.

Science Communication: A Neu- way to Write, and Beyond

2015 October 11

Students in cognitive science, neuroscience, and other disciplines at UCSD look for new ways of communicating science, including

Welcome First Years, 2015

2015 September 29

The cognitive science department is excited to welcome seven first-year PhD students in cognitive science this year. They've graciously taken the time to introduce themselves below.

San Diego Science and Engineering Fair

2015 May 04

Traditionally, students learn the science that their parents and teachers want them to learn...

Cognitive science intramural basketball: A tale of fighting against the odds

2015 February 24

A tale of a cognitive scientist fighting the good fight--here, on the court, rather than in the lab.

New Cognitive Science Brochure

2014 November 14

Check out Cog Sci's new brochure featuring student profiles and research interests!

Welcome, First Years!

2014 October 20

Welcome to the incoming first-year class of 2014, introduced here.

Metaphors for grad school

2014 February 03

The broad nature of Cognitive Science means that the research in our department is incredibly diverse.

Understanding Animal Communication

2013 November 23

At a National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis workshop, researchers discuss how to study and quantify communication in animals.

A field experience in understanding human origins

2013 October 29

Over the summer, two of our cognitive science students pursuing the anthropogeny specialization had the opportunity to visit Ethiopia and Tanzania as part of the CARTA program. Jeremy Karnowski, a fourth year student working with Ed Hutchins, reports here on the trip.

Introducing the first years

2013 September 25

Welcome to our new class of graduate students!

Why grad school is hard

2012 December 10

My cohort of PhD students at the UC San Diego Cognitive Science department started with nine members and only two of us finished. This isn't an indictment of the department or those who left or moved. The department is great and so was my cohort. It's because grad school is hard. Most students figure it's hard, but going in it's not obvious why.

A Great Earthpig Effort

2012 November 13

A Triton Day Take-over

2012 April 10

Triton Day 2012 was marked by an outpouring of departmental participation, as Cognitive Science undergraduates, graduates, faculty, and staff spent their Saturday showcasing the interdisciplinary research of the department. The booth highlighted the many ways Cognitive Science approaches the study of the mind, having demonstrations of concepts in neuroscience, artificial intelligence, brain-computer interfaces, and human computer interaction.