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To all the alumni who have contributed whether financial or otherwise to our cognitive science effort, we thank you and wish you all a great year! Feel free to make suggestions to help us continue our greatness and to bring cognitive science into the public eye.  Marta Kutas, Chair 

Our Department isn't defined by the physical space we occupy on the campus of UCSD - it is defined, rather, by the remarkable individuals who make up our community. The lifeblood of any community is its people, and this is especially true of a community that relies on ideas and innovations. In recognition of this, the Department of Cognitive Science at UCSD presents our new Alumnus/Alumna of the Month feature.

The goal of the Alumnus of the Month program is to celebrate some of our outstanding Alumni, while giving all students - past, present, and future - an opportunity to meet some of our graduates, and to see some of the amazing things that people from our community have accomplished - in the field of Cognitive Science and beyond.

The hope is that it will both put a more 'human' face on Cognitive Science, as well as be a testimony to the wide range of interesting things that one can do with a Cognitive Science background. In addition, of course, it's a means for CogSci alumni to see what other alumni are up to.

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Keep in touch with your classmates and other UCSD alumni by joining the UCSD Alumni Association. When you join, you'll be able to look up campus friends and search the alumni directory. 


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