Cogsci Reunion Abstracts

Alexander A.S., and Nitz D.A.   Retrosplenial cortex activity integrates allocentric, route-centric, and egocentric spatial frames of reference. 


Bardolph M., Van Petten C., Thornhill D., et al.   ERP correlates of prediction and plausibility in sentence comprehension


Chan W., Urbach T., and Kutas M.   Is the Optimal Viewing Position (OVP) asymmetry for foveal stimuli similar to right visual field advantage for non-foveal stimuli?  An ERP investigation of hemispheric asymmetry


Datko M., Pineda J.A., and Müller, R.-A.   Neurofunctional and Behavioral Changes Following Mu Neurofeedback Training in Children on the Autism Spectrum


Friedman W., Potter S., Krutze M., et al.    The aerial advantage: a technical report on the use of three systems for obtaining low-range erial video of sub-surface behavior among bottlenose dolphins


Huang H., Harle K., Movellan J., and Paulus M.   A computational approach to study the influence of depressed mood on motor-control


Karnowski J., Hutchins E., and Johnson C.   Vocalizations in social interactions among captive dolphins


Lyons J., Dixit R., Emmenegger, C., et al   Factors Affecting Physician-Patient Communication in the Medical Exam Room


Malave V.   Measuring Similarity at Scale: A new look at multidimensional scaling with incomplete data


Marghetis T., Wagner S., Coldin-Meadow S., et al.   The situated meaning of mathematical symbols: ERPs to mathematical equations are modulated by the relation between accompanying speech and gesture


Medeiros de Paula, L.   Learning to Make Meaning in a Statistics Lecture


Miller L., Longo M., and Saygin A.P.   Tool Use Modulates a Conscious Representation of Body Shape


Nitz D.A., Olson J., Kappel A., et al.   Medial precentral cortex neurons mediate the transformation of spatial information into action planning and execution


Ostrand R., Ferreira V., and Bergen B.   How Talking While Driving Can Kill You


Paramita R.   The Role of Emotion and Choice in Learning (ReaCh): math, reading and visuospatial awareness


Reese A.  Lateralized eye use in bottlenose dolphins during group swimming at the Brookfield Zoo, Chicago


Schork A., Wang Y., Thomposn W.K., et al.    Leveraging pleiotropy with bipolar and associated disorders to improve discovery of genetic associations in ADHD


Soohoo R., Van E., and Pineda J.A   Relationship Between Mu Rhythm Oscillations and N400 Responses to Incongruent Actions


Tonneson A.L., Friedrich E.V., and Pineda J.A.   A Neurofeedback Protocol Using a Sophisticated Interactive Video Game to Improve Social Responsiveness in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder


Troyer M., Hofmeister P., Kutas, M   Elaboration of concepts facilitates their retrieval in sentence processing


Urgen B., Plank M, Ishiguro, H, Poizner H, Saygin A.P.   EEG theta and Mu oscillations during perception of human and robot actions


Walker E., Bergen B., Núñez R.   Later events lie behind her, but not behind you: Compatibility effects for temporal sequences along the sagittal axis depend on perspective


Youngstrom K.   Learning with Interruptions: Representing past computer activity for recall of learned procedures