My name is Elkin Darío Gutiérrez. I'm a graduate student in the Cog Sci Department at UCSD and a member of the AI Group at the International Computer Science Institute at Berkeley. My interests include machine learning (especially spectral approaches to unsupervised learning), natural language-processing, computational semantics, the evolution of language and complex communication systems, and human semantic processing. Here is a (slightly outdated) version of my curriculum vitae (PDF format).

Chen, C.H., Fiecas, M., Gutiérrez, E.D., et al. (2013). Genetic topology of brain morphology. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 42: 17089-94.

Chen, C.H., Gutierrez, E.D., Thompson, W.K., et al. (2012). Analyzing the genetic topography of the cortex using longitudinal MRI data. Science 335: 1634-1636.

Galantucci, B., Theisen, C.A., Gutierrez, E.D., Kroos, C. & Rhodes, T. (2012). The diffusion of novel signs beyond the dyad. Language Sciences. in press.

Drafts and Preprints
Gutiérrez, E.D. Guaranteed model order estimation and complexity bounds for LDA. arXiv preprint 1312.2646.

Fun Links
On Chomsky and the Two Cultures of Statistical Learning, P. Norvig
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Interesting Books
Foundations of Modern Probability, O. Kallenberg
Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms, D.J.C. MacKay

Elkin Dario Gutierrez, 13 Sep 2012